Whereof one can not speak, thereof one must be silent.

written and illustrated by

kata bóta

winter diary

Of course the first thing to put onto the christmas tree is almost the hardest task at Christmas Eve - she said with a sigh, then split open the top of a big brown box with a slow and orderly movement. She carefully took out a straw angel and she was just staring at the small figure in her hand for several minutes.

My father was looking at me from the corner of the room. Every single year he put the tree in the same place of the room without any trouble. Everybody knows that he does it confidently with a professional technic and hyperspeed. Actually he dances at the precipice of due work and trepidation. At the end he just stops dumbly, looks at me, and does not understand what the hell had taken me.

Professional Qualifications and Associations

2004 Final examination | Szent István Grammar School, Kalocsa, Hungary
2009 Erasmus Exchange Programme | Universidad de Valladolid, Valladolid, Spain
2011 Master Degree | Széchenyi István University, Győr, Hungary

Professional Experience

2008 summer RAS Architects | Csaba Rosta, Hungary, work experience
2010 summer CZITA Architects | Tamás Czigány, Hungary, work experience
2012 -2013 studioKAP | Galsgow, Scotland, architectural assistant
2013-onwards Reiach and Hall Architects | Edinburgh, Scotland, architectural assistant


2008 Junior PRIMA Prize | Architecture and Construction Art
2012 Diploma Prize | Book of Absence

Special thanks to

Lajos Dargay - sculptor
Tamás Czigány - architect

about architecture

If the house could make up itself, that would be brilliant.

In space a vision appears, gets a form and substance but no function. Through a melody or a feeling it develops a labyrinth in 3D, a transition space, in and out.

By stepping out of the cube space, the reality of its function lets the visions stumble. Spaces communicate, talk to each other. They talk to me too. I wish I could sense it, maybe not with words, maybe not with a look, but with the mind.

I believed that the content is able to generate a form in the space. I hoped to be able to see the principle of it, the analogy between the parts, being able to visualize exactly what I feel, and through allegories it takes me to the same space. This way the building may function and may become alive. It was the house of dance.


It was a really nice picture, a sincere vision. A colourful world’s devotion among hard, concrete walls. I wanted to explore every single part of space, feel it, imagine to walk inside the building, listen to the knocking sound of my shoes on the steel frame stairs. The idea and the feeling has remained inside, locked up in my imaginary world, in the world of puppets.


Rain grids. The glamour of a bright veil. The summer coat is a vision of a mirage, a tricky reality only. The summer at that time was like how you would describe a bright steamy corridor in sigh and tears.

Interior design. The question is not how you make an attractive idea within the space, not how you fit more creative motives on wall or patterns on floors, no, but what the function requests you to do. This sincere face does not want anything but highlighting its uniqueness and speciality.


closer to material

A lot of time and monotonic work had to be passed. Several exercises, tasks were to be solved followed by series of experience, the moments I had left behind, frozen and forgotten pictures in connection with each other. You have to go far to come closer, you have to change your old clothes for new ones. Leave behind safe things and keep on going on your path with your one heart, bravely, alone.

2008 comprehensive design studio - the Sprig and the Bird
2009 workshop - between substance and image,
National Scientific Circle of
Students competition
2009 workshop - material studies, Eduardo Chillida, the wind
2009 pabellon de las rozas - study plan, Spain
2010 final thesis - the absence

The location is probably the hardest thing to learn, even if it is the best. Coming closer without demand, feeling it, seeing it, and asking questions: is it really necessary to build a house here? It is nice how function is shaping until the reality’s line crosses the house. As it is putting on its clothes, forming and constructing, and at the same time the material is appearing, as well.

You can live it step by step, slowly closer, sincerely. You can dream with all of movements, walk around in your mind, and if you can see a cup of coffee on the table, the building will be alive, and you do not have to do anything but admire it.

no, it is not concrete.

it is simple wallpaint, distemper, white as snow.
it does not want to be concrere, it can not be,
because it is finer than that.

Wind - material studies at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, corrected by János Hübler sculptor

What is the reality of material, how it behaves, how can we know and realize hidden layers? Janos’creative attitude and professional calling is exemplary to me. Chillida and Elizabeth Schaár footsteps with studies by subjective matter shows me such a special face of the world, which is still significantly defines my mind.


Between substance and image

National Scientific Circle of Students competition, the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest

It was a simple experimental work called Statio. It tried to talk about the process, highlighted moments and put the whole thing over and over again. The power of words is too much against the sensitivity of material which is able to give the perfect softness back. It can not be expressed, can not be grasped but rather felt, But it can not border or draw in an outline to be seen.

Architecture, istallation

Hungary has a very famous festival in Győr every year. It is called Mediawave International Visual Art Foundation Festival with different topic each year. This exibition was about sexual revolution (1969), first in Mediawave Festival Center in the Puppet Showplace Theatre, then at the Faculty of Architecture in the Black Box House.


2:45 FLASH




Movie and architecture, expressivity

The chance to make a movie and its connection with architecture were formed inside me during my student experiences when I tried to solve architectural tasks at the university. These ideas and works of mine were rewarded with a Junior Prima Prize in the category of Architecture and Construction Art in 2008.

The first movies of mine are these prized items. Schöffer, Puppets, Ferry in 10 minutes. These films started as architectural films with architectural methods. Their aim was nothing more than presenting the meaning of ideas, giving more information about the architect’s feelings. The tool of expression was as simple as you can express at beginner’s level with an expressive method.

My further works are also presented as architectural problems. The editing of the movies was still a tool in my hand it was not an aim.

Animation for the square of the Municipal House
Mediawave International Visual Art Foundation Festival, Győr, 2008

Animation for an exibition at the János Xantus Museum
Győr the city and its residents - scenes in the life of Győr, 2009

I got fist prize in a competition Peumobil 2010 organized by a Company called Bosch Rexroth. This short movie (no more than 1 minute) is an experimental work about a creative process from a special point of view with the title Pencil.

1 minute short movie download here

Pilgrim song in the Chapel

Pilgrim song in the Chapel

It is a documentary film about a chapel in the Cseider-valley of Pannonhalma. This is the first work that can be regarded as a part of a real movie category. The Pilgrim-song gives an insight into the one-week long construction process. It tries to show invisible relations and reflect it in twenty minutes. A film was commissioned by Czita Architect Office.

2:00 flash





I didn’t want to write about writing.

I graft rose in wildness to salve the ground with it.

The writing process of interpretation always has been there in the background, in my mind, in a leadforest, in silent secret. Suddenly it became a reality, they merged into each other, became part of me. The absence has created a book, my diploma. It has three readings: the book of absence, the scrolls of the book and the plan.

Writing is a means of expressive thinking process. Actually the book itself was not the aim but it has become as a mirror of thinking.

The scrolls of the book is an other layer of my thesis. Small drawings, sketches, simple lines are like pieces of an idea. This is a mirror of a special architectural thinking.

The idea has become a three dimensional composition. The most important thing is that this is not a book illustration. The building does not want to be that. It cannot be as well, because it is much more than that. It tries to be worthy for architecture in form, construction, material, and tries to answer the same question, how absence can be expressed in architecture.

diploma photos

diploma photos

we are on the road, Arthur
every one is playing without exception.
we have intention to work for it.
and then what will happen?

I believe in something.
I believe in different ways.
this is one of them.
nobody feels the same.
but what did I want to talk about?





book of absence

lost in the invisible city
(called by myself) London



Diploma Prize, Award

107 white pages

The first paragraph: the book
The book of absence is an enthusiastic writing with the essential feature of an expressive text. Unconscious edited has been created by the thinking process of the writer which makes the book very difficult to understand also accept, its abandoned concept is deeply diversified and connotative. Approaching the last page it is slowly becoming a poem, having rhythm and eventually it carries you away.

The second paragraph: the scrolls of the book
First time I saw them lying on the table wrapped with white paper strips I had a feeling of the Library of Alexandria. Tracing paper scrolls. A lot. I was wondering, see, these are also little books as the book itself has not always been bibliophile as nowadays. Scrolls of book. Instead of alphanumeric codes they are marked by stripes and dots, drawn architect books as the next chapter of the book of absence. 

The third paragraph: the plan
"Of course you have to have a plan like every one has..." By the way there was plan without drawings and the model too. The plan is in the book with outline design formed by words of the appropriate scale and details. The plan is still not a house, it hasn't got physical essence. It is stacked half way as a membrane strung between thought and embodying. It does not vary from the text just its coding system is different but works essentially as the text even their etymological roots are the same: linea - means line also row.

Peter Bach architect review, 4th February 2011.

Recognition of the best diploma project 2010-2011 in Hungary.

Media Prize for Architecture 2011

On 16 August, the pre selection jury began to review and rate the entered projects. The result of their decision will be announced expectedly on 29 August. Shortlisted by the professional pre selection jury, six plans and six buildings will be rated by a jury consisting of representatives of the media in the Trafó,on 24 October 2011. Neither the public will not be missed out, you can select the best projects you like in the course of a voting with two stages, similar like in the previous years. By public votes, ten plans and ten buildings can be got into the second stage, where the highly scored projects will be awarded with the Public Choice of the Media Prize for Architectur.

flash download from here